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About Sarah Campbell

Chartered Physiotherapist | MSICP 13944 | CURO PT 031216

Sarah Campbell has recently moved to Portugal. Prior to that she was practicing as a Chartered Physiotherapist in Ireland. With 10 years’ experience she has carried out physiotherapy and pilates assessments of patients with diverse presentations and complex physical musculoskeletal conditions. These include acute and chronic pain in back ,neck, and peripheral joints.  She delivers a high standard of individualised treatments and exercise programmes including advice and education in pain management and exercise therapy


Within SC Movement Clinic treatments include, trigger point release, soft tissue massage ,dry needling, joint mobilisations, taping, electrotherapy such as ultrasound and radial shockwave therapy. Conditions treated include pain from arthritis, tendonitis, soft tissue injuries to back, neck, shoulder, elbow, arm, leg, hip, groin, knee, ankle, heel , sports injuries , and headaches.

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